Solar Generator Installation
Solar Generator Installation

Solar generator installation makes perfect sense with rising electrical costs always looming on the horizon. Part of the reason a fair amount of people haven't yet taken the plunge into solar power is that they are conscientious of the fact that it takes a while before breaking even from your initial investment—perhaps up to a decade.

The bare minimum that you will need in order to install solar power in your home is some solar panels, a rechargeable deep-cycle battery, a DC meter and a DC input. If you want to run AC appliances, you will also need an inverter. The number of solar panels and batteries you will need depends on what your generator is able to handle. 

Before installation, you should perform a thorough review of your roof. First, you need to make sure your roof's structural integrity can support the weight of the solar panels. Second, if you're planning on installing a new roof in the next few years, you should do this before you add solar panels. It will save you money in the long run.

Next, your solar panel installation company should introduce you to the different types of mounting options for your panels. The most common is the roof-ground mount system, which screws into the roof and supports the panels from the bottom. For a large, conventional solar panel system using mono or poly-crystalline panels, this is probably your only option. The roof-ground mounts also allow you to adjust the system on a slant to maximize power output.

When people begin looking at solar generator installation, they often realize that instead of trying to piece everything together on their own, it is much easier to buy a pre-packaged, guaranteed solar generator from

Your solar generator installation is practically instant because of the self-contained and portable unit. With the proper installation and maintenance of solar panels, you can experience true “off-the-grid” living, independent of oil companies and political turmoil, all the while saving thousands dollars in electricity bills.