Solar Electrical Panels
Solar Electrical Panels

Do you look around at the uncertainty of the world and wonder how you’re going to make it if all hell breaks loose? Modern conveniences that make living simpler—stoves, refrigerators, and computers to name a few—all need electricity to operate. But who says you have to buy that electricity? Why not harness the energy of the sun through the use of solar electrical panels and a solar electrical system to power your home?

Solar electrical panels are large, flat and generally the about the size of an average door. They are constructed of individual solar energy collectors called solar cells, or more commonly, photovoltaic cells. These cells are covered with a thin protective layer of glass. They are usually black or blue in color and are designed to generate electricity by capturing sunlight.

All photovoltaic cells are manufactured from silicon which is classified as a semiconductor. This means that when the sunlight shines on the cell, the energy it carries forces electrons out of the silicon. As each individual cell generates electricity, the panel combines this energy to make one large electrical current. This can then be forced to flow through an electrical circuit and provide power for anything which runs on electricity in your home.

Solar electrical panels are extremely simple and straightforward to build. Thousands of people around the world today are benefiting from not only the power of the sun, but the independence that “off-the-grid” living provides.

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